The new brand style website is online.

“This journey is like climbing a mountain. We all know that the destination is there. It’s not easy, but we did it. Across the mountain, I meet you. “


Over less than a year since the launch of Uzesta in March 2021, numerous difficult missions, such as the transparent compensation plan, and the clear and complete back-end system, have been accomplished with unparalleled perseverance. With the efforts of the global team, we even took on the journey of Brand 2.0 in only 8 months. Under clearer brand positioning (e.g. updated product catalog), we can announce proudly: “The new brand style official website is online! “

3 Major Design Highlights


1.   It presents a brand style blending technology and artistic youthfulness.

“Be a global leader of brand recognition and service” is UzestA’s brand philosophy. Therefore, in the initial stage of the website design, this has been the guideline, in order to make UzestA stand out among direct selling brands and create an exclusive Uzesta atmosphere . Although UzestA is a young brand of 8 months, its executive team has solid management experience. At the very beginning, the team has set set the tone to create a global brand that lasts forever. With its most powerful UAT technology and products, UzestA appears like a well-cultured young man. This brand tone is also gently presented in our new style. In the elegant style as UzestA has always been, we try to tell the touching stories from domestic markets in a more profound way.

2.    ALL Channel Brand and Platform Model

“This is the era of mass entrepreneurship…” More and more people understand that they need to find more opportunities and ways to earn themselves the financial safe net. The best entrepreneurial platform must be in line with the times, adopt the best entrepreneurial model, and use the latest platform technology. This is how Uzesta ‘s brand strategy of “All Channels” was born. People of different generations can find some operations or models familiar to them or to their customers. To be honest, this is not easy, but we did it. Because we understand the hardship of every entrepreneur, who is looking for a solid and reliable platform.

3.    Online and Offline Communities Combined for Better Sharing

“Social media is like the oxygen and nutrients for modern people.” Facebook being renamed Meta announced that social media has entered the next stage. From waking up to going to bed, modern people are inseparable from social media. On the new website, we have also reinforced this part. On all the pages, there is the function to share on social media, to help all Business Partners get more attention and traffics. At the same time, we added a blog function to provide more brand information, product information and new knowledge. In the future, columns such as “Successes Tell Success Stories” will be launched. The resourceful website is like a treasure library. The website in the brand new style will become the second home online for every Business Partner without time and space restrictions. Combining online and offline functions can greatly extend the influence of the social media.


6 Tricks You Might Not Know

Besides the three highlights, there are six small tricks you may not have noticed.


1. Thoughtful Language Choice

After you join as a member of UzestA, on you first visit to the website, it will provide you with the choice of your region and language. Afterwards, it will remember your preference, and automatically enter your preferred mode when you visit again. Of course, you can also change the language. Just roll down to the bottom and click on the globe icon, you can change it.

2. Separate Consumer and Opportunity

The options of the website is simplified according to the habit of modern people. The shopping contents are separated from business opportunity contents. The options for consumer needs are mostly concentrated on the left, while those related to business are located on the right. With a clearer layout, the users will not get lost in the sea of pages.

3. One Scroll Web Ad Design

Most people browse their phones with one hand. This is why one-scroll ads are so appealing. 80% of what everyone wants to do and see on the official website are presented on the home page in various ways, so most of the things can be done with one hand. Also the layout is more straightforward. The same goes for the product pages, which are rich in information, so that you wouldn’t have to jump from one page to another again and again.

4. Blog Posts Not Advertising At All

Everyone is tired of advertisements and enjoys new knowledge. You can share the blog posts to the community, draw attention to the new official website, go shopping, and see the products people need.

5. Magazine Cover Style Portrait of Successful BPs

Every successful Business Partner at Uzesta is like a glamorous superstar to us. Extending from this idea, we designed a magazine-style poster for each business partner. In the future, we will also use a new interview style to tell the story of each cover character. Of course, this can also be shared on social media platforms. (Note: Cover story articles and sharing functions will be launched in the future)

6. Small Tricks at Page Bottom

To have a clear layout, while still keeping functional convenience, many commonly used functions are listed here. “Customer Service” is for the commonly used shopping functions, and “Quick Links” are for the options related to Business Partners.



Come and Find More Tricks! Browse the official website in its brand new style right now.