Nobel Prize Winning Ingredient More Expensive Than Gold

According to a report from a Japanese media, the strongest antioxidant now is the “fullerene” with the aura of the Nobel Prize. From cosmetic clinics, beauty salons, to department store counters, “fullerene” skin care products have long become the new darling of beauty lovers.



C60 (FULLERENE), which won the Nobel Prize in 1996, is composed of 60 carbon atoms. It is not just in one shape, but a clever combination of pentagons and hexagons, with high stability and symmetry – a perfect spherical molecular structure, of which the molecular weight is only 720. It can be used for the sensitive skin and the skin after laser surgery. It is also a top ingredient unanimously recommended by comedic medicine specialists from Taiwan and Japan.


If the keratinocytes on the skin epidermis are compared to bricks, the distance between those bricks is about 50 to 100 nanometer, and thus, it takes a very small ingredient to penetrate it effectively. The fullerene has a diameter of less than that of a nanosphere so it can easily penetrate the stratum corneum of the skin. With this nano-molecular structure, the ingredient can reach the bottom of the skin effectively. Its inter-application with other skin care ingredients can achieve even better results than ever before.


Like a magnet, the fullerene has the property of adsorbing free radicals. Because it can reduce the free radicals produced by body metabolism and environmental influences, it has won the title of “free radical scavenger”. The price of fullerene is more than ten times that of the peptide. Compared with Vitamin C, the fullerene is more light-resistant and stable under ultraviolet light, and its antioxidant capacity is 172 times that of Vitamin C.

Five Functions of Fullerene

1. Shrink Pores:

Restore skin elasticity and further improve the appearance of pores. Due to its mild effect, the issues of enlarged pores caused by oily, dry, or aging skin conditions can be significantly improved.

2. Brighten: 

It can reduce aging-induced darkening from the source. When used with other brightening ingredients, the efficacy can be greatly improved. Therefore, most of the brightening products include this ingredient. It is the first choice for skin brightening among the early mid-aged ones.

3. Relieve Inflammation:

It can improve the allergies of skin cells, prevent skin inflammation, and further slow down skin aging. It is not only the best choice to fight against aging, but also suitable for sensitive skin.

4. Anti-oxidation:

The best feature is its ability to absorb free radicals like a “magnet”, so that the skin can return to a healthy, intact state. The antioxidant effect is 172 times that of Vitamin C.

5. Anti-acne:

Excessive “active oxidants” on the skin also accelerate the oxidation of sebum on the skin’s surface, causing annoying acne! In addition to removing active oxidants, fullerene also has the effect of clearing pores and preventing adult acne.

How precious is fullerene? It might be a huge surprise!

Fullerene is the second most expensive thing in the world. 1 gram is worth nearly 150 million dollars. The Oxford University Laboratory in the United Kingdom pre-sold Fullerene, the man-made carbon-based material it successfully developed in 2014, at the price of about 1.5 million dollars per gram.


Although the fullerene always exists in nature, and traces of it have even been found in meteorites, it is very scarce and cannot be gotten from nature. So how to extract high-purity fullerene in large quantity has become the main research topic for many scientists. This is also the reason why the fullerene price remains high.


Just as many cosmetic ingredients were originally medical ingredients, the “fullerene” was first used to fight cancer, Alzheimer’s, and defend against cell necrosis… and other medical uses. However, in recent years, the excellent antioxidant effect of the “fullerene” has made it the anti-oxidant queen in the beauty industry. It can be seen in products with brightening, anti-aging, and post-operative care features.