Change Your Opinion on Nutrition and Health Products

“Micro-pellet” is a multiple units dosage form, which means that a dose of a drug is uniformly dispersed in thousands of micro-pellets. Such micro-pellets can be filled into capsules and sachets. According to different ingredient formulas, the drug can be made into a rapid release dosage form, enteric-coated or sustained-release dosage form.


The micro-pellet features even distribution, which increases the release area, and accordingly the bioavailability. Among all the forms, there is the long-acting pellet coated with slow-release materials. Since it maintains effective blood concentration for a prolonged period, the medication compliance also increases. It also works for drugs of short half-life period. All these features make it a high-quality drug delivery system of great potential.


In every pellet in the capsule, all the nutrients are coated with special high polymer membrane. This technology can ensure the sustained and even release of key active ingredients, maintain their concentration and completeness, and help the human body make better use of the key nutrients.

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